Micah Benjamin. Bringing home a second little one.

It is such a beautiful things when a new baby enters the world. I can't wrap my mind around just how marvelous of a miracle life is. How do those little babies fit into us? How do they come out knowing how to sleep and eat and breath. I'm always blown away at how perfect these little humans are, straight from the get-go. Being pretty pregnant myself at the moment, I'm just amazed that one of these little guys (in my case a girl) is inside of me RIGHT NOW.


I was stoked to have the opportunity to take some pictures of Melissa during her pregnancy (Take a look at these pictures here. Do it, she is a total BABE)  and now I was able to take pictures of her new little Mr.

Side note, Anne Geddes (The queen of newborn portraiture) says that newborn pictures should be taken within the first 10 days. SO if you are wanting pictures of your little as a "New born" try to keep in in the first 10 days. :)

Ok, friends, I present Micah Benjamin Wiggins.