Accidental Revelations

The other day I was out in my yard with my toddler Judah clearing out some dead branches and cleaning up the vines off the trees. while we were pulling on the vines i realized there was a nest with a few teeny tiny, just hatched baby birds. I got excited and showed Judah, he was super enthralled with the tiny neighbors in our back yard, and i did something I rarely do in my normal day to day life.

I grabbed my "real" camera.

Like so many of us, I usually rely on my handy-dandy iphone to capture memories and save the hassle of my real camera for commissioned shoots or special events. But today I decided to capture the little birds for Judah on "film". I honesty felt silly because i knew the little birds would be in my yard for weeks. But i went and snapped some pictures and went inside.

that night there was a CRAZY storm, the kind that makes the water run off from my roof overflow out of the gutters and look like Niagara falls. And the next morning the whole little bird family had not made it through the night.

It's super silly. Just a small bird family, but it helped remind me that time is fleeting, and the next day isn't guaranteed. Enjoy the moment, and break out the real camera as much as possible. (or duh, hire me!)