Brittnay Lee | Baton Rouge Abstract Artist

I met Brittney through instagram (hello modern friend making, right?) and i fell in LOVE with her work. the way she used texture and color to create these stunning abstract pieces made me fall in love instantly. 

Brittney has been painting for 10 years, and has been full time for 4. Life as an artist is pretty hard at first. The hustle is real. Bur Brittney has super good business skills because she was able to turn her ship around and go full time, and even buy a house with a studio. Basically she's my artist inspiration :)

Her studio is the place creative dreams are made. White ceilings and white walls, art everywhere, and colorful paint splattered on the walls and paint foot prints on the floor. She said she has to repaint everything white pretty frequently since paint just tracks everywhere.

Here's a look at her, her art and studio, nestled in Edison street in Baton Rouge.. Also, check out her website here.