Rodgers Family Photos | Capitol Park Baton Rouge

Christina and I have a bit in common. Our name firstly (obviously) and we both sing on our church's worship team, and we both have recently relocated to Baton Rouge. We originally wanted to shoot at Arsenal Park, but the roads were closed and since we were both new in town we decided the park next door would work just as well. which it defiantly did. 

The weather was all sorts of perfect. We weren't sweating and the sun was perfectly hidden by a sweet layer of clouds.

Since Trae's been traveling so much, I've been taking Judah with me on most of my shoots. I always get a little apprehensive bringing him. Not because I can't work with him, or I don't like bringing him, but more that people won't take the shoot seriously since I brought a toddler...

Then again, taking the shoot "seriously" is the very last things in the world I want! Judah has actually proven to be a great assistant and he always bring out the cutest, natural smiles from people.

The shoot did get pushed back a few minutes because we found a list cat that we simple HAD to play with for a while before we could start taking pictures. I think Ashley was a but bummed it already had an owner and she couldn't take it home then and there ;-)