Jejudo || South Korean Paradise

Jeju Island is the hawaii of Korea. Not as warm or sunny or tropical, but still generally the same. All Koreans come here for a quick get away, and here on the island you can find almost find korean hipsters - almost.

The bus system is crazy complicated, but we managed and only got lost a few times. More like misplaced.. on a mountain.. the the rain with a baby. But not officially lost.

There's a lot of interesting museums on the island, including the famed "sex museum" yea, it sounded weird to us too so we we didn't go.We decided to stick with the waterfalls, beaches and jungly mountain hikes. 

This peaceful paradise was only a 45 minute flight from Daegu, and apparently the flight route form Seoul to Jeju is the most traveled flight route in the world. Flights are pretty much scheduled shuttles all day and night. It was Judahs first flight, and by his first year he had been on over 50. It's crazy to think at 4 months Charlie is yet to be on a single flight. 

Mmmkay. Here's some pretty Jeju on a dreary weekend.