95 birthday + Family Reunion | Ventress Louisiana

Days like today help me remember that photography is seriously my dream job. I mean, I got PAID to drive across beautiful Louisiana and spend a few hours celebrating with this incredible family like I belonged there. 

first of all, my interaction with this family started way back in the day when I had to sell one of my two glorious sheepskin rugs, and through that I ended up meeting Claire. Not only did she buy my rug, she also introduced me to bitmojis (Um hello, where have those been all my life?) and then later asked me to photograph her family. 

Mawmaw and I - I'm pretty sure - were meant to be best friends. I kinda wish I was a few years older or she was a few year younger so we could hang out more. As it was she was celebrating her 95th birthday and she was completely rocking life. 

I was also sent home with several gallons of crawfish and the best sugar cookies i've ever had in my life. #lifeisbeautiful.