John + Ginsey // The Roosevelt Rooftop, New Orleans.

A beautiful New Orleans day that decided to rain for 30 minutes during the ceremony. Everyone smiled and not a moment was ruined

This wedding reminded me that intimacy doesn't have to mean tiny. This wedding was by far the largest wedding I have ever shot, but it was FILLEd with family and dearest friends that came together from all corners of the globe (no, really. like 15 different countries!) Weddings are about celebrating with those closest to you. And sometimes peoples hearts are so big their inner circle can include up to 300 people ;-) 

 The Roosevelt was stunning and the coming together of cultures was incredible. Thank you John + Ginsey for letting me be a part, and thank you for your patience while I moved, and moved and moved again and accidentally got a littttle behind on editing. You guys rock!