Tina + Kai, Merida

Hacienda Sac Chic Destination Wedding // Merida, Mexico 

I first met Tina and Kai when they flew to Portland for their engagement shoot last summer. I was 7 months pregnant, and attempting to adventure and show them the beautiful Columbia gorge, and they were CHAMPS about it. 

This wedding is super special on many accounts. Intimate weddings are my jam. Just a couple of people with their best friends, celebrating the most important decision you could ever make. Merida is a cool city. Like a Mexican version of New Orleans. I wish I was able to stay and explore longer, but I had a baby at home so I couldn't linger. Huge thanks to Ashwin for letting me add the drone images he took from the day before I arrived. 

The Hacienda Sac Chic was the COOLEST venue ever. It did feel a little sketch initially since it's about an hour outside of Merida, and in the middle of a small village. But once you drive through the gate it is a paradise. You can rent it yourself on AirBNB. SIDE NOTE. When planning your destination wedding, book an Air BNB that is large enough to accommodate you and your guests, and doubles as a wedding venue. It will save time, money, and make for a more enjoyable experience all around. 


Planner: Joe Bolaños

Florals: RAW studio florals