Jason + Miriam | TRC Baker, LA

Jason and Miriam have been such a joy to work with. They're also a super power-house couple. Both went to Christ for the Nations, and now are doing some pretty awesome youth ministry at BOLD with Bethany Church. 

The wedding was at Bethany's mini retreat center.. and side note. How awesome would it be if EVERY church had their own retreat centers? It's seriously such a great idea.

Miriam was the picture of bridal perfection and grace. The community gathered around them and helped transform the TRC into a wedding wonderland, and when she walked down that gorgeous aisle Jason pretty much melted into a puddle on the floor. It was all very sweet and incredibly romantic. 

This wedding was covered my myself (Christi) with the incredibly talented Cardiff Booth as my second shooter. If you wanna see more of these two, check out their engagement pictures in NOLA and Miriam's dreamy bridal shoot