Catherine Seniors | Downtown Baton Rouge

I scored big getting to work with Catherine. Turns out this sweetheart is also a big time pageant queen, so she knew how to WERK that camera. I actually did two pageants back in my glory days of high school, one was the teen version of miss America (I think it was called Miss America's outstanding teen?) and the other was Jr. Miss. Both of those programs are "scholarship programs" not pageants. There  were no swimsuit competition segments and the scoring was heavily dependent on the interviews and GPA. 

This babe was a for real pageant queen. Ballgowns, swimsuits and makeup - the whole nine yards. I may have been a little intimidated at first since I know a lot of her portraits were probably photoshopped within an inch of their lives, but after talking to Cather I was happy to hear she wanted something a different (which is what I do) and something that reflected her and actually looked like her.

Massive photoshop I can not do. Capturing personality, that I can do. and we had a great time and I FINALLY got to shoot in front of that gorgeous mural wall I've been eyeing for a while now. I took a risk and branched into FULL SUN photography. I am actually prettttttty pleased with how they turned out. 

ALSO NOTE: stoked to have finally figured out how to add music to blogs.. now scrolling through pictures will be that much more enjoyable.