Smoke & Ballet | Downtown Baton Rouge

Ballet + Smoke grenade photo shoot

This shoot was so much fun! Sometimes it's hard to remember the importance of personal projects, but I wanted to shoot dancers and Cardiff wanted to shoot smoke bombs, so we decided to combine the two and head downtown to make some art - and Cardiff needed to get images for the upcoming Bethany Conferences starting TONIGHT! (yahoo!)

We were super nervous about the smoke bombs at first because of a few youtube videos that made it seem like we would possibly engulf the entire city in colorful smoke, but we were happy to find they were easy to use and didn't cause the whole of Baton Rouge to think we were under attack.

Noelle is also one of the lead princesses from "Be our guest royal princess parties", which is appropriate because I don't think I've ever met anyone as sweet as she is.

Dancer: Noelle Blazer from Divine Dance

Location: Downtown Baton Rouge

Photographer: Christi Childs

Smoke Bomb Master: Cardiff Booth