Becca + Scott || Oregon Mountian Magic

This Location + these people + that sunset. It was a fool proof recipe for a magical shoot! 

Becca and Scott were visiting {home} from Nebraska, and on this trip he decided to surprise her with a proposal! This whole thing was very spontaneous, so much so that Becca actually needed to raid my closet for something to wear fro the shoot. This little white number was actually my going away dress from my wedding, so it has good marriage-luck all over it!

The field is one of my very favorite spots in the entire world. It is about 1/4 mile from where I grew up, and it looks over the Columbia River Gorge, and is the most amazing place to watch the changing of the seasons. I had wanted to get married there but logistics kept us away.

Becca and Scott are happily married and have one baby girl!