Madi + Josh | Rainy day wedding in French Settlement

Just before Joshua and Madi's wedding celebration word came that Louisiana would be experiencing incredible amounts of rain and flooding as a result of a hurricane of enormous proportions that would be hitting Mexico.

This wasn't exactly what The love birds wanted to hear since they already had everything for their wedding planned, and changing locations wasn't exactly an option.. even though the festivities were going to happen predominately outdoors. 

Everything was moved under a picnic awning, and all the handcrafted decor was carefully arranged creating a beautiful and homespun vibe... The guests came, and the rain came, and we all partied and got really wet, and no one complained at all. 

Also, Can I just say how very excited I was when we were out taking some pictures in the rain (under an umbrella) and the bride asked me if we could ditch the umbrella and take some romantic in-the-rain-shots?

UM YES!!! and then as if to agree with us, the wind picked up and turned the umbrella inside out. 

I love it when couples decide to go with the flow and embrace whatever the unexpected situations are!