Pastor Larry Stockstill | Pastor, Speak and Author. | Freelance.

I was so stoked to have been asked to take some speaking photos of Pastor Larry. If you're not sure who he is, or you haven't heard of him, you should 100% check out him website and ministry by clicking here.  Granted this opportunity only actually came to me because Bethany Church's normal photographers were all booked, but I was honored all the same!

I haven't has as much experience with photographing under those harsh stage lights, but I think I could grow to love it - Not as much as natural light (because HELLO natural light is my true love!) But it was actually really fun... Except for the part where I had to walk around a quiet sanctuary of several thousand people all sitting down.. Or when I got in trouble for being on stage trying to get some "From Behind" shots. Opps.

(Note to self: NEXT TIME Ask whoever is in charge before shooting begins if there are any restrictions of where I can and cannot shoot. #liveandlearn)