Kristin + Knox | At home newborn lifestyle shoot

Dustin and Kristin have been amazing friends even since we first moved to Baton Rouge. My new camera set up I actually bought from Dustin since my old one had seen a bit of wear and tear from the last few years of traveling - so  guys I have them to thank for getting my back in the photo-taking-swing-of-things.

I was able to take some maternity pictures of Kristin a few months ago, and I couldn't WAIT till she had her sweet baby so I could document his arrival to the other side. (you should check out her maternity picts here actually!)

Knox was originally thought to be a big baby, but as his arrival came closer, it turned out he was pretty small - under 6 LBS. Tiny but mighty. Because he was so small we decided to wait till he was a few weeks old, instead of the "under 10 days" normal newborn situation. 

Kristin is already rocking being a mom. She looks great, her baby is well fed and growing like a week, and she and her man somehow managed to move into a new house right before and during having a newborn. I would say she was crazy, except I'm doing the same thing lol!


OK, so enough rambling. Here are some precious pictures of the mighty Knox.