Rufus + Jess | Fun and playful engagement | Long Lake, Minnisota

Long long ago, in a galaxy far far away, a boy names rufus and boy name Trae became the best of friends.


But really. Back when Trae and Rufus were babies in highschool they met when they were assigned as roommates in boarding school in West Africa. They became best friends, and then when Trae moved to Oklahoma to Meet me (I mean go to college) Rufus actually ended up coming to next year and again they were roommates!

Fast forward a few more years. Trae and I are married (Rufus was our best man)  and we have two babies, Rufus is in grad school and getting MARRIED. I never thought anyone would be good enough for him... but then I met Jess.


Jess is a one in a million gal. smart, sweet, and sassy. She is a therapist and works on a horse ranch, and they program is so amazing as these girls find healing while connecting to natural and horses... I don't know all the details because I'm not the therapist. but its awesome.